Homes for Rent in Phoenix Arizona at the Hallcraft Villas East 1 Subdivision

Hallcraft Villas East 1

Find Education and Entertainment Near Hallcraft Villas East Residential Rental Condos (Cotton Center Town Homes)

Hallcraft Villas East residential rental condos are situated by the intersection of East Broadway Road and South 48th Street. Established in the early ‘70s, this community is composed of condominium type housing which provides its renters with affordable living inside of the city of Phoenix. The neighborhood is also conveniently located near two major highways, the Interstate 10, going north and east and Highway 143, traveling east.

University of Phoenix and other educational institutions are nearby

Hallcraft Villas East condominiums for rent are just down the street from the University of Phoenix. Tenants of this community may choose to further their education or occupation training here or at any of the other nearby higher education institutions. The two closest community colleges, within one mile of Hallcraft Villas East, are Maricopa Community College and Rio Salado Community College. As well, there are several other options for furthering education or skills in any of the outlying areas of Phoenix or the metro area with the I-10 running straight through town.

Watch the Anaheim Angels complete spring training at Diablo Stadium

Occupants of the condominium residential rentals in Hallcraft Villas East can catch a glimpse of the Anaheim Angels practicing their professional baseball skills each spring. The Diablo Stadium, home to the Anaheim Angels Spring Training, is located one mile southeast of Hallcraft Villas East. When springtime rolls by and the Angels aren’t practicing their game any longer, the stadium is used for other purposes. Renters in this community can find any number of other events and exciting happenings going on at the Diablo Stadium just down the road.

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